Target Industries

Though many types of industries can thrive in DeKalb County, the county's quick and easy access to transportation, workforce skills set, and area support industries makes the county perfect for certain industries. DeKalb County is proud to be able to offer all of the goods and services that these industries need in construction, service sectors and site prep to prepare for and construct a facility here.

DeKalb County is perfect for:

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Plastics
  • Distribution Centers
  • Automotive
  • Wood Products
  • Food Processing
  • Data Centers

Location and Transportation Advantages

With 42 miles of interstate (6 interchanges) that runs through DeKalb County, companies have a direct link via I-59 to major transportation hubs that makes receiving and transporting of goods easily accessible. Four other major interstates (I-20, I-759, I-24, I-75 and I-59) are located less than one mile from various points in DeKalb County. In addition to Interstate 59 there are state highways that make all areas of the county a strong contender in transportation needs of industry. For companies who rely on rail transportation, Norfolk-Southern rail extends through the county.

This location and transportation advantage is especially critical to distribution centers. There are currently several distribution centers located in DeKalb County.

DCEDA: Distribution Brochure. (pdf)

Automotive Industry Advantages

DeKalb County is located in the Automotive Hub of Northeast Alabama. Most of the major automotive manufacturers are located less than four hours away. Visit the map room to find automotive suppliers and manufacturers in and near DeKalb County.

For more information specific for VW suppliers, download automotive brochure here. (pdf)

Workforce Advantages

From technical education programs at the high school and college level, through ongoing training and support classes available to employers, DeKalb County can offer a well-trained workforce. Existing industries in the area have created a workforce that has the skills set needed for advanced manufacturing, metal fabrication, and plastics.

Support Industries

DeKalb County has a strong support industry base in metal fabrication, textile, wood products, food processing, automotive, plastics and distribution. Visit the map room for maps showing the locations of companies in these industries in and near DeKalb County.

DCEDA: Metal Fabrication Brochure. (pdf)



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